Aurelie Moiroud, known in the electronic music realm as AUJA, is a dynamic force amalgamating the realms of Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Organic House. With a profound background as a DJ, Producer, and Sound Designer, AUJA's journey through sound has been a vibrant tapestry of artistic evolution.


Embarking on her musical odyssey back in 2002 as DJ Lilly, she swiftly found herself entwined in the pulsating heartbeats of both club nights and festival stages across France, Europe, and Mauritius Island. This early chapter paved the way for her metamorphosis into AUJA—an artist whose sonic canvas transcends boundaries.


In 2022, AUJA's artistic prowess bore fruit with the release of two captivating remixes on Brown Records. Notably, this was the year when the duo "Dark Light," a musical endeavour shared with Mirosław Sienkiewicz, unveiled their debut EP titled "Bard’s Tale" on Polyptych Noir records.


Diving into her insatiable quest for sonic exploration, AUJA unveiled the "Melodic Sundae” podcast in the twilight of 2022. A weekly sonic rendezvous that paints vibrant soundscapes that dance through the airwaves, resonating with listeners on platforms like YouTube and beyond. As the seasons turned, 2023 saw AUJA embarking on a new sonic expedition. Launching her monthly residency and radio show "Dance Dance Dance!" on Shared frequencies [USA], she solidified her presence as a curator of immersive musical experiences.


AUJA's artistry thrives on the synergy of groovy rhythms, melodic tapestries, and musical flavours from across the globe. Whether performing on hallowed stages or commanding the virtual airwaves, her pulsating DJ sets carry an irresistible energy. With each beat and every note, she invites her audience on an unforgettable auditory journey, where night turns into day and dance becomes liberation.


In an industry where music is a medium of expression, AUJA's sonic alchemy speaks volumes. From her early days as DJ Lilly to her current manifestation as AUJA, she continues to evolve, innovate, and leaves her mark on electronic music—one captivating beat at a time.