Aurelie Moiroud, aka AUJA, blends Progressive House, Melodic Techno, and Organic House. With a DJ, Producer, and Sound Designer background, her journey weaves artistry. Starting as DJ Lilly in 2002, she graced stages across Europe and Mauritius.Now as AUJA, her dynamic art transcends borders.


In 2022, she dropped 2 captivating remixes on Brown Records and debuted Dark Light's "Bard's Tale" EP with Mirosław Sienkiewicz on Polyptych Noir. 2023 brought her "Dance Dance Dance!" radio show on Shared Frequencies [Austin, TX], cementing her as a curator. The same year she created the record label DIGIGROOVE and is promoting it through "Digigroove Session" a podcast and event that paints vibrant soundscapes.


AUJA's groovy rhythms and melodic layers thrive on stages and airwaves alike, inviting audiences on an irresistible auditory journey.