AUJA is the Progressive House / Melodic Techno project of Aurelie Moiroud, a French DJ/Producer and Sound Designer based in Valencia, Spain. Her career started in 2002 as DJ Lilly. She played in clubs and festivals in France, Europe, and Mauritius Island under this moniker. She later changed to the name AUJA and, in 2022, released two remixes on Brown Records. The same year with Dark Light, her duo with Mirosław Sienkiewicz, they released their first EP, “Bard’s Tale” on Polyptych records.

End of 2022, she started her weekly music podcast Melodic Sundae which is broadcasted on YouTube and other platforms every Friday.

Her energetic DJ sets are groovy and melodic, with sometimes a hint of flavours from around the world. When performing, she is there to take the crowd on a journey and make them dance until the end of the night!